Utilities For Patient Data Exchange

This project has two purposes:

To view the documentation related to version 0.1.8 follow this link. The manual, source code and installer for Windows are available for download.

The code was developped on Windows XP, but should work fine with some minor changes on Linux/BSD systems. The installshield, created with Inno Setup, has been tested successfully on Win XP, Win 2000 server and Win 2003 server.

Version 0.16 has been used at 3 hospitals and 5 radiology centers for the past 4 years. The actual state of the code was achieved in order to provide these users with the functionality they desired. Also, have I tried to program a generic and configurable solution for the parser.

The major changes from version 0.16 to 0.1.8 are:

Planned actions for this project are:

I hope that this project can be of any help to some people out there and would like to thank the creators, maintainers and communities related to Sourceforge, the Ruby programming language, Inno Setup and Offis.

Kind Regards,

Willem Michiels